Getting in the Game

You’re starting to use your mobile device more because it’s an awesome way to enjoy gaming. Everyone who has a mobile today carries it around 24/7 so it makes sense that you would want to use your mobile for awesome games. If you think about it, this is a great way to multi-task. If you’re at the movie theater and you’re about to see a movie, you don’t want to watch those terrible previews or listen to the music. You can, instead, play some awesome games. And if you’re going to play games, you have to find a way to pay for the games that makes sense. Now, it would be great if PayPal for mobile casino games were an option, but it’s not. PayPal banking method is a brilliant one that millions of people use each day, but it’s not one of the banking methods for Canadians that can be used for gaming. There are, however, many others that can.


The PayPal banking method is a great one. You sign up for an account and then deposit money into your account. You can deposit the money in many different ways, and you are then able to pay for goods and services around the world. One of the most brilliant things about PayPal is that it’s used by so many people and companies that you can do much of your online payments from this one location. For banking methods for Canadians, it’s one of the most used and valued. And everyone trusts PayPal since it’s used all over the world and by so many people each day. Unfortunately, there isn’t PayPal for mobile casino games, so we will have to continue using other payment methods until PayPal decides to open up their Canadian deposit methods for gaming.

Other Great Methods

Do not despair, however, just because PayPal for mobile casino games isn’t a thing yet. There are many other ways that you can enjoy Canadian deposit methods. First of all, you can use a credit card to pay for the games you love. You can also use a debit card. Now, one of the best banking methods for Canadians is Ukash. The idea behind Ukash is two-fold. Not everyone has a credit card or another form of online payment that they want to use, and not everyone wants their information made public or used online. So, Ukash was created to allow for banking methods for Canadians that don’t require any of these things. It’s a voucher that you can buy in many stores in different denominations. Then, you can use the 19 digit code on the back of the voucher to play the awesome games that you love. You simply put in the 19 digit code and the gaming site like All Slots Casino will know how much money you have to use. And then the voucher is finished and you can purchase another one when you want to do so.


Similarly, there are many great banking methods for Canadians that allow you to use your already existing bank account or to create an account with them. You can use things like Skrill, the PaySafeCard, ClickandBuy, EntroPay and many others. Each of these methods allows you to get to the games that you love to play and to pay them when you’re ready. Maybe the PayPal banking method will join this list at some point. For now, however, your options are bountiful and your choices plentiful!