About Us

Mobile casinos are smaller than desktop casinos for two main reasons.  One, they started out a few years later but more importantly, the desktop games were not compatible with mobile devices and platforms.  So the game developers had to reformat their top desktop games to be mobile friendly. 

We strive to be the most thorough online site reporting exclusively about this one mobile casino, All Slots Mobile Casino.

Our Mission Statement:

We are determined to remaining fully independent whilst reporting on a single online mobile casino of our choosing which casino is itself dedicated to fun, entertainment, safety, fairness, and service to the many online gamers from Canada.

Why This Casino?

We chose All Slots Mobile for many reasons all of which apply directly to our Mission Statement. 

  • It’s a very well established casino with a huge selection of Microgaming games.
  • The casino strives always to make gaming fun and full of entertainment value.
  • The casino recognizes the value of allowing players from Canada to play in CAD.
  • The casino is fully regulated and certified.
  • The casino guards your money diligently from the moment it leaves your bank until the moment it returns to your bank.

More About Us

There are many more reasons we like this particular casino but let’s get back to About Us.

We wish to impart a sense of joy in online mobile gaming.

We strive to be the most informative site of its type on the internet.

We will never be dissuaded from telling our casino of choice that it needs improvement in a given area.

We will solicit feedback from our readers and relay their thoughts to the casino with our own comments.

We see online gaming as a kind of fraternity in which there are many good locations even though we have chosen to focus on one mobile gaming location.

We are dedicated to giving the best possible service to our readers.

We link to many mobile games and provide reviews of all of them as well.

We are committed to honest reporting wherever that commitment may lead.

We consider a mobile casino synergistically linked to a desktop casino to be a must in today’s fast-paced world.

We are committed to Canada and its large community of gamers.

Safe banking is more important than banking in CAD.

Banking in CAD is very important.

We will try to be a leader in bringing together diverse groups of gamers from Canada and throughout the world.