The Classic Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is Now Mobile

Everyone is going mobile these days!  The technology is so good and getting better all the time, that you can have hundreds of apps on your mobile device.  It’s no wonder, then, that online gaming enthusiasts have taken to playing their favourite casino games at All Slots Mobile Casino.  All Slots continues to come out with new mobile games for Canadians monthly, running the gamut from slots to the full range of casino games including blackjack mobile games. 

The oldest version of blackjack played in Las Vegas is now available on mobile.  It is called Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile.  This is the version of blackjack that was played before the name Vegas became synonymous with The Strip!

The Odds are Almost 1-1

As you know, the house has a big advantage because the players play first.  Thus, a player who busts loses automatically even if the dealer subsequently busts as well!  Blackjack has always been extremely popular because, notwithstanding the house’s advantage, players over the years have learned how to lessen the house’s edge.  This they do by counting cards and by knowing when it is strategically wise to split and to double down.  These we will discuss below.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile has a few features that also reduce the house’s edge so, in the end, players can even the odds by playing this new mobile game for Canadians.

Dealer Must Hit on Soft 17

The most important decision a blackjack player has to make is whether to hit or stick.  Given that the house has to hit on 16 and stick on 17, many players count on the house busting if it shows a 2-6 card so they stick with as few as 12 points.  In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, the house has to hit with soft 17.  This means that the house has an Ace and a six.  Since many players might have stuck with the house showing a six, this rule returns some of the advantage to the players.

Players Always Win With Blackjack

Normally, ties are called a “push”, meaning that neither side wins.  But in Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, the player wins ties when both they and the dealer get blackjack.  This is not the same as a tie with 21 points.  In this circumstance, both the dealer and player have blackjack with their first two cards.  This tie goes to the player and pays 3-2, again returning some of the advantage to the player.

Card Counting

Many Las Vegas casinos began using several decks in blackjack because players were learning how to count cards.  When you get proficient at counting cards you can play the odds on any given decision to hit or stick.  You won’t be right an overwhelming majority of the time, just enough to even the odds between yourself and the house.

In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, the house uses only two decks.  This gives everyone a chance to increase their winning chances by counting cards.  For example, if you have 12 points and the house shows a 3, you might normally stick, hoping that the house will bust.  But if you have already seen several 10-point cards, you may decide that your chances would improve if you took a card.

Play Multiple Hands

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile gives you the option to play up to five hands.  Many players like this option simply because it speeds up the game.  Also, if the house busts, you could enjoy a five-hand win!  But card counters use this option to gather information.  The more cards you see, the more you know about what might be coming up!

Splitting Pairs

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile allows you to split pairs up to three times.  Many blackjack variations allow only one split.  In addition, Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile allows you to split picture cards and tens even when they aren’t a pure pair.  Splitting is the correct strategy in certain situations, mostly depending on the card the dealer is showing.  When you split pairs, you are creating another hand entirely so you have to place another bet equal to the original one.

Double Down

When you feel fairly confident that you’ll get close to or reach 21 with one card, you might choose to double down.  You double your bet and receive one card.

Added Risk

The two above strategies add risk to the player.  If the player uses sound strategy, these moves can be profitable but Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile has two provisions that reduce the risk somewhat.  When the dealer shows a 10-point card, she peeks at her hold card.  If it’s an Ace she announces blackjack and takes the winnings.  This prevents players from doubling down or splitting in a lost cause. 

Also, when the dealer is showing an Ace, she asks for Insurance.  This is a bet that the dealer has blackjack.  If you take Insurance and the dealer has blackjack, you lose nothing.  If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, you lose the Insurance bet and the hand continues normally.

All Slots Mobile Casino Continues a Fine Tradition

All Slots has been a highly respected name in the online gaming business for some time.  All Slots has hundreds of slots, of course, but it also has a full line of other new mobile games including many blackjack mobile games.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile is one of the most popular new mobile games for Canadians.  When you play Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile on the go, you can still imagine yourself sipping a delicious Scotch at the table in the Vegas of yesteryear.