Tomb Raider Mobile Game

Join Lara is on her next adventure and get in the action. Every second of this awesome Tomb Raider on mobile game will have you sitting on the edge of your seat (or your train or your place in the grocery line) and waiting with excitement to see what happens next. When you play Tomb Raider you feel like you are the adventurer and that you are joining Lara on her next mission. The game is a five reel and 15 payline game where you can wager up to five coins on each payline. The action here is never ending and it feels even more exciting since you can take it on the go with you. Bring Lara along on your next adventure and experience her adventure with her.

Playing the Game

The Tomb Raider on mobile game is one of the mobile games in Canada that you certainly won’t want to miss. The game starts with a video showing Lara in all her sexiness running, leaping, shooting and jumping. The movie inspires those who enter here and sets the scene for the fun that is ahead. Then, the game begins and you’ll see with the All Slots Mobile Casino that you have two Lara symbols. There is the crouching Lara symbol and the one with the gun. You’ll also see other symbols that have to do with the theme and these include the idol, the tiger, the gadget, the Tomb Raider symbol and the Ten through Ace. All these symbols in the All Slots mobile game can create winning combinations if they are on enabled paylines. The best of the symbols is the Tomb Raider symbol and you only need to have two of them for a win. If you have more symbols in the Tomb Raider on mobile game then, of course, you’ll have bigger wins.

Even More Fun

The Tomb Raider symbol also serves as a wild one and the gun carrying Lara symbol is the scatter one. If you have two of the gun-toting Lara symbols on the five reels you’ll win and if you have three, four or five you’ll win even more. With three of these symbols you’ll get to the free spins section and your wins are tripled here.

Bonus Fun

With the Tomb Raider mobile game there is also a bonus section. The Idol bonus game activates if you have three or more Idols. You’ll see 12 idols on the screen and each one has a number behind it. You pick an idol and then see how much you’ve won. You’re able, when you play Tomb Raider, to win as much as 2500 coins here.

All of this adds up to awesome fun for anyone who loves an action-packed game. The joy of this game is many fold. One of the main perks is that this isn’t your typical hero. Rather, it’s a heroine who really makes the game interesting. The game has vivid graphics and so many great ways to play and enjoy the adventure.  And, having the All Slots mobile advantage means that you can play anytime that you want to do so – anywhere that you happen to be.