Secret Santa Mobile Slots – 7 Mystery Features including Mystery Multipliers!

It is snowing outside, the bells are already ringing and we have no doubt the best holiday is coming! As Christmas is getting closer, Santa is making his way to us with an abundance of new gift and awards for us all! Players who will start gambling at Secret Santa Mobile Slots, will be able to enjoy more rewards than at any other game, listen to a great music, see some high quality graphics and even win in 1024 different ways up to 460,000 coins! Among other benefits, players will be able to enjoy Wild Reels, Free Spins, Mystery Multipliers, Rolling Reels and a lot more! No doubt this Christmas is going to be much better than ever before!


As you will be able to see later on, many of the additional benefits in this game include the Wild symbol. Therefore, it is very important to understand its features and benefits early on. Wild can be recognized thanks to the Secret Santa title (golden) appearing on a green background. This symbol can substitute all other symbols besides the Scatter (a candy wrapped in red and white covering.

Its ability to replace all other symbols on the reels allows Wild to participate in the creation process of many other winning combinations. If, for example, two of a kind appear on the reels, there is a lack of a third symbol of the same kind in order to complete a series and grant the player with a nice payout.

The presence of Wild, however, changes the picture, as its presence in the right place will “fill in the blank” and a three of a kind will be created.

Three, four and five Wild symbols appearing on the reels can grant the player with an additional benefit – credits! Three such symbols are worth 22.5 credits, four such symbols are worth 60 credits, and when five of a (Wild) kind appear – the player can be confident he will enjoy no less than 240 credits right away!

7 Mystery Features

How many features does any any other game can grant you with? When you start playing Secret Santa mobile casino game, be sure you will enjoy more benefit than you will when playing any other game! So, let's learn together what are your options…

Wild Reels

When this feature is triggered, you can expect three reels to turn Wild in no time at all! This feature is highly beneficial since it definitely increases the chances of creating multiple new winning combinations. Expect to win a lot more!

Wild Boost

This feature makes a random symbol turn into Wild and once more, new winning combinations can be created.

Free Spins

This is your opportunity to play for free and win for real! Start by opting the real game mode, and spin the reels over and over again! Once the Free Spins feature is triggered, you will be able to keep on playing the game, but not deposit at all. During this time, not only will you be able to keep on winning for real, but all credits won will be 3X multiplied.

Mystery Multiplier

This special feature allows players to enjoy having their wins multiplied by 5X or 10X completely randomly!

Dashing Scatter

4 dashing Wilds will land randomly in any symbol position on the reels.

Scatter Spree

When this feature is triggered, all of the symbols will pay scatter in any position and all of the wins will be multiplied by total bet.

Rolling Reels

Are you ready to the most exciting feature of all? When this feature is part of your game, you can be sure all of your consecutive wins will increase the multiplier up to 12X! The Rolling Reels feature can actually grant the player with consecutive wins!

Scatter – High Payouts In a Matter of Seconds!

All players want to win, and to win as much as possible! When Scatter is on the reels, this process is easier than ever before! Three Scatter symbols pay 30 credits in no time, while four such symbols can grant with 150 credits. Five symbols of this kind will let the player enjoy receiving (are you ready for it..?) 1,500 credits on the spot!

It is Time to Gain Some Control Over the Game!

All Slots Mobile Casino lets the players enjoy many great features with which they can determine some rules and decide how things will go. Those who like to be in control will definitely enjoy the nice mixture of atmospheres – on the one hand having the unexpected benefit of the best of all All Slots mobile casino games, and on the other hand, deciding how things will eventually work out.

Coins Size & Coins

The first two features let the players decide how much, exactly, they would deposit at each spin. Players do not have to modify this features every time, but they can do so whenever they want to.

While the + and – buttons appearing under the Coins title will let them decide how many coins to deposit on the upcoming spin, the Coin Size features will let them control the bet per coin, and thus gain best control over their overall bet.

Controlling your deposits has never been as easy!

Auto Play

Auto Play features is simply perfect for those who want to sit back in their chair and watch the screen as the reels spin. This feature makes it a lot easier to observe how additional credits are added to payline, without taking any action at all.

Once clicking the Auto Play button, quick buttons immediately appear. 10X, 25X, 50X and 100X will let the players trigger the number of free spins they want within a very short time. It is also possible to click the Until Stop button, and to have the reels spin, and spin, and spin… until the players press Stop.

However, it is also possible to use the Advanced Settings feature by clicking Custom. This button will allow the players to opt out of a larger variety of options when it comes to the number of Auto Spins triggered. In addition to that, it is also possible to type in the exact number of spins which will be triggered.

Last but not least is the method which offers the players to decide how the reels will stop from spinning.

The gamers can decide they want the reels to keep on spinning until all spins are complete. In addition to that, they can also decide they want the reels to stop from spinning when a certain number of credits is won.

The power is in your hands! Use it, and do so as quickly as possible!