Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo 

Playing at the online casino sometimes feels like you're playing for buried treasure but this month you have the chance to get ahold of the real thing when you join the Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo. This August All Slots contest gives you multiple opportunities to add to your casino payouts with some additional promotional loot. Mateys be aware! Once you spin the pirate compass you'll be able to collect your winnings along with your regular game payouts and all other casino bonuses.

Blow the Man Down

When we think of pirates we generally think about the cold-blooded admirals of the black who sailed the high seas during the 15th to the 17th centuries. But pirates were a scourge of governments and merchant sailors well before that. Ancient Greeks historians wrote about the Sea Peoples who preyed on their commerce. The Phoenicians, admired for their skills as a sea-going nation, often engaged in a bit of piracy of their own. Romans sailors battled the Anatolian pirates and Roman legend relates that Julius Caesar was captured and held by Cilician pirates until his countrymen succeeded in gaining his release.

Over the years pirates caused great economic losses, especially to ships belonging to European nations which were bringing the treasures of the New World back to the Spanish, Portuguese and English kings' coffers. Even though these brethren of the coast could be ruthless, stories of their exploits continue to intrigued people around the world. One of the most fascinating secrets of these pirates revolves around the stories associated with their buried treasures. Many pirates, pursued by the most powerful navies of the time, were forced to bury their stolen loot in secret locations up and down the Atlantic coast. Some of the buccaneers retrieved their ill-gotten gains but in most cases the pirates never returned to the scene. Around the world, hundreds of millions of dollars are still hidden under the ground.


Treasure hunters dream of finding some of the caches of jewels, gold and silver coins and other types of riches that are buried underground but, alas, it's not easy to access such plunder. The pirates hid their ill-gotten gains carefully. Now however, thanks to the All Slots contest, you have multiple chances to grab some of the plunder. All you have to do is to spin the Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo compass and see which rewards you receive.

Pirate Fortune

All buckos are invited to join the new All Slots promotion. You can win big payouts when you add the promotion's prizes to your regular game payouts. Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo presents a lucrative month of bonus giveaways totaling $100,000. All players with an All Slots account are welcome to play – no deposit required. Simply spin the pirates' compass and collect valuable rewards.

Shiver me timbers! All it takes to collect the prize is a simple spin of the pirates' compass.

Depending on where the point of the compass lands, you'll earn free spins on some of the casino's best games or up to $100 in bonus doubloon. The promotion is open to all gamers, regardless of whether they play in the regular Download casino lobby, at the Flash casino or on their mobile. Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo sends you on your way to collecting massive casino rewards

All Hands on Deck

All hands on deck to play the Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo. The lucrative promotion begins on August 2nd and runs through September 5th. You have five opportunities to spin the compass on the Pirates Loot Page and earn bonus prizes. You have one compass spin during each of the promotion's five rounds and if you spin once each promotional period, you may win five different prizes!

The rounds include:

  • August 2 through August 8
  • August 9 through August 15
  • August 16 through August 22
  • August 23 through August 29
  • August 30 through September 5

Each spin indicates whether you've won free bonus credits or free credits. In either case, your win allows you to play more of your favourite casino games for real money without adding any additional deposits.

Sail Ho! 

Sail ho into the fo’c’sle and pull up the bittacle to spin your  Pirates' Loot  compass spin. With $100,000 in August bonus prize loot, The Pirates Loot promotion is most satisfying casino promotion in recent memory!

There are two prize options, free spins and bonus credits. If you win free spins you can apply them to the Avalon slots, Thunderstruck II, Ariana slot machine, Gold Factory slots or Pistoleras slots when you play on a PC. If you're playing on mobile you can apply your free spin prize to Avalon slots.  Split up your spins to play on any of these featured games or use them all on one favourite slot machine.

Bonus credits allow you to win cash in any of the casino's table games, card games, lotteries or online slot machines. The bonus credits are awarded in increments of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred. Check the results of your compass spin to determine your prize.


You don't have to deposit a wager to spin the compass but regardless of whether your compass spin results in free spins or bonus credits, you may be required to make a deposit in order to collect your no deposit promotion for Canadians. The notification that you receive after your compass spin will inform you of whether you need make a deposit in order to collect .

If you do need to make a deposit, as soon as you receive notification of the results of your pirates compass spin you'll be invited to make your deposit. Deposit the required sum and collect the doubloons that you won from your compass spin to use on any of your preferred gaming activities. For instance, if you are requested to make a deposit of $40 in order to collect your bonus points or free spins, you can make that deposit on one favoured game or you can split it up on two or even three games. Once you've made the deposit, your credits or free spins are credited to your account.

There's no end to the fun, excitement and rewards at the Pirate's Loot - All Slots Promo event at the Canadian casino.