Passport to Riches - All Slots Winning Promotion

The Passport to Riches - All Slots winning promotion is the newest and most exciting of the promos at All Slots in which players can add to their regular game payouts with extra bonus rewards. As you move through your regular gaming activities during the month of July you'll find yourself winning extra cash prizes and other promotional gifts. Your All Slots July passport will take you to new gambling destinations and new heights of gaming entertainment. Sign up for the online casino promotion for free and get ready for bonus fun and excitement.

You don't have to make any extra deposits when you participate in the Passport to Riches - All Slots winning promotion to win cash prizes.  The casino presents you with all of the added rewards that you earn for playing your regular games. Just open your casino account and select your preferred games and the casino will start stamping your passport as you add passport cash, free spins, give-aways and other prizes to your account.


Not only can you participate in the online casino promotions on any gaming platform, but you can mix and match your gaming events and continue to collect all of the prizes. If you're a Download Casino player you'll receive your stamps when you play on the downloaded casino software on your laptop or desktop PC. If you're traveling you can open your casino account and add your Flash Casino stamps to your passport from the Instant Casino. Mobile users can enjoy their favourite games at the Mobile Casino and participate in the promotion as they play on their smartphone or tablet device.

The casino automatically stores all of the information about your gaming activities, regardless of the platform that you're playing on, so you can play at your leisure, at any time and from any location and accrue all of the benefits of the Passport to Riches - All Slots winning promotion.

Get Started

Log into your account and select your preferred games. Throughout the week, you can play any of your favourite games which then entitle you to your passport stamps.

Every stamp represents a new destination. The more you play, the more destinations you'll visit and the more stamps that you collect, the more cash prizes you may receive.  

If you deposit $50 or more over the course of a week in July you'll earn stamps for every day that you play. Once you've earned two stamps in a one-week period, you're on your way to a guaranteed bonus prize. For three to six weekly stamps you'll be awarded a guaranteed $100 prize and for seven or more stamps the casino will present you with a guaranteed $150 prize. Payouts are distributed on the Sunday following the week in which you've collected your stamps. The promotional weeks are:

  • July 5th through July 11th – Week 1
  • July 12th through July 18th – Week 2
  • July 19th through July 25th – Week 3
  • July 26th through August 1st  -- Week 4

You will receive your stamps regardless of your game choice. The promotion is applicable to all All Slots games so regardless of whether you prefer to play card games of poker or blackjack, table games which include roulette, baccarat and craps, online lotteries of sic bo, scratch card, keno and bingo or any of the 3-reel classic slot machines or 5-reel video slots, you'll receive Passport stamps, based on the level of your deposits.

Souvenir Prizes

In addition to the weekly payouts, there's much, much more to the Passport to Riches - All Slots winning promotion.

What's a trip around the world worth if you don't bring back souvenirs? The casino presents you with souvenirs for all of your Passport to Riches gambling activities. When you receive the second and fourth passport stamps of the week, during any of the four July promotional weeks, All Slots will award you with extra Loyalty Points and free spins on many popular slot machines (on the Avalon slot machine for mobile players).

The Loyalty Points involve valuable credits that you accumulate for all of your casino activities. As you move up the casino's Loyalty Points ladder you'll be eligible to redeem those points for increasingly more lucrative prizes including cash gifts, higher deposit and withdrawal limits and other rewarding prizes. When you earn Passport to Riches Loyalty Point souvenirs, it will allow you to climb the Loyalty Point tiers faster for bigger and better Loyalty Points prizes.

Collect your souvenirs within 7 days of receipt. Log into your casino account and play your free spins and validate your extra loyalty points within the 7-day time period in order to fully benefit from your gifts.

Two Monthly Draws

Now you know about your weekly payouts and your passport souvenirs. So what else could there possibly be in the July promotional bonus?

All gamers are eligible to submit their stamped passport to the bi-monthly July Draws. These draws take place on July 19th and August 2nd. The more stamps that you've collected over the preceding two-week period, the most entries you have to the Draws. The casino will be distributing $10,000 in prizes in each draw which makes it a rewarding bonus of extra casino earnings.    

Track your Bonuses

You don't need to do anything to participate in the Passport to Riches All Slots promotion. The casino will automatically calculate your bonus payouts, souvenirs and entries to the July Draws. Just enjoy your regular games and watch your casino account to determine how much additional earnings you've achieved in the promotion bonus.   

If you want to review your bonus information, enter your username to the promo page and open your passport. You'll be able to see how many stamps you’ve received. You can also view your stamps by going to the My Offers webpage on your casino account page where your stamps and give-aways will be listed.

Regardless of whether your July will be spent on the go or at home, you can enjoy extra holiday fun when you participate in the Passport to Riches - All Slots winning promotion.