There are more than 1.5 billion users of online casinos and sports betting sites around the world

Why online gambling is so popular?

Although the Coronavirus epidemic has stopped a lot of industries around the world, the online gambling industry has not stopped! It has thrived and achieved very high growth rates. Experts had expected that the suspension of trade and a lot of business around the world would lead people to save and dispense with entertainment, but what happened is that during the lockdown, people have tended to explore Betzest Casino to learn about its services and what it offers to players. In fact, online casinos and sports betting sites had all the attractions for new players, as they offer a renewed package of games, give their players a lot of rewards, and support many payment methods.

Secret behind online casinos and bookmaker’s popularity

There are more than 1.5 billion users of online casinos and sports betting sites around the world! More than $ 60 billion is pumped annually into this global industry. In addition, this industry nurtures a lot of different sectors such as sports and advertising.

For example, Stoke City's official stadium is named (Bet365 Stadium), since Bet365 is the club's official sponsor!

Over the past two decades, the online gambling industry has been able to reach players from all countries relying on a set of different features such as the spread of the Internet, the abundance of licensing committees around the world, lower operating costs, and easy access to new markets.

Additionally, the development of the Android and iPhone operating systems has also contributed to the popularity of online casinos and sports betting sites. Experts also predict that cryptocurrencies and virtual reality will add more players and operators to the industry, bringing its total volume to $127 billion in 2027.

Impact of the Corona pandemic on the online gambling industry

Many industries and businesses have been affected by the spread of the Coronavirus and the general lockdown. For example, all brick-and-mortar casinos have been closed, and sporting activity has been suspended. So, players have a golden opportunity to try sports betting sites and online casinos.

Internet gambling industry growth forecast

According to experts and analysts, there are many growth projections for the internet gambling industry over the next decade, as follows:

  • Sports betting sites will support virtual sports, while online casinos will support virtual reality games.

  • Operators will tend to support more payment methods, especially cryptocurrencies.

  • Europe will dominate the global gambling market, and Asia will get a large share of it.

  • More licensing bodies will be established in European and Asian countries.

  • It is expected that more e-wallets and banks will deal with online casinos.

  • The number of online gamblers will increase around the world.

  • More restrictions will be imposed on operators to protect players from gambling addiction.


Internet casinos and sports betting sites offer a lot of entertainment and fun to players around the world, so the online gambling industry was one of the few industries that witnessed a massive boom during the Corona pandemic, and it is expected that it will witness more growth over the coming years.