Halloween Sweepstakes - All Slots Promo

Have a blast as you get ready for Halloween and see what all of the fun is about. It’s time to say “Boo!” and you can do so with the Halloween Sweepstakes - All Slots Promo that is coming your way. This promotion runs from Tuesday, October 6 through Saturday, October 31. The promotion is at the All Slots mobile casino and their online casino and it’s also at many other amazing locations. These include the First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino, the VIP Lounge Casino and All Jackpots Casino. Now, during this almost month long period there are four distinct sections to the Halloween Sweepstakes – All Slots Promo. Get in the spirit of Halloween today and you'll be ready for October 31st hopefully with prizes under your belt and fun had by all.

The Four Sections

There are four time periods and you have the ability to win within each of them. The first period is from October 6-10 and the second is October 11-17. The third period is from October 18-24 and the last one is October 25-31. In order to be eligible at the Canadian mobile casinos, you have to have 50 loyalty points during the period. You can start to play in three ways. You can go to My Offers at the casino or look for the “check my tickets” at the promo landing page. Or you can look for the “earn tickets now” from the email that you got about the promotion.

Get Ready to Win

Now, as you start to play with the Halloween Sweepstakes - All Slots Promo you’ll have many ways to win. Each loyalty point offers you a ticket and a chance to win. If, during a one week period, you play three days in the period, you’ll have your tickets and you’ll have 2x ticket treats. This means, if you earned 150 loyalty points, and therefore three tickets, you’ll have that amount doubled. So you’ll have six tickets. If you played for five days in the seven day period, you’ll get 3x tickets and if you played for all seven days, you’ll have 5x your tickets. This is a great way to enjoy the Canadian mobile casinos and to have even more ways to win.

What Can You Win?

As you accumulate these tickets you’ll obviously want to know what you can win. There are drawings in each of these periods and they award a total of 25,000 in prizes. This will include the following. Five players will get 1000 credits and 10 will get 500. 25 players will get 100 credits and 50 will get 50 credits. Now, 100 players will get 25 credits and 250 will get 10 credits. Another 1000 players will get five credits each. When you get your award, you’ll get the prizes the Sunday after you win it and you’ll have one week in which to use the prizes.

Have a blast as you play and enjoy the All Slots mobile casino fun. You’ll be ready to say “Boo!” as Halloween approaches and you’ll have a blast as you play this sweepstake and see if you hit the mark. There is something fun here for absolutely everyone who already loves playing casino games and mobile games. It's a great way to add even more fun to the games you already love to play and having great chances to win extras.