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Gambler's Superstitions

Believing in superstitions is a traditional phenomenon either when it comes to daily tasks or gambling and games. We can say that it is a culturally induced phenomenon; however, when we talk about games and gambling, it goes beyond cultures and geographies and connects the players across the world right at the heart of gaming tables.

When in the superstitions, indeed some players dismiss such thoughts and rely on their skills to win the games, while there are the other players who have faith both in the skills and luck while the third category includes the ones who are adamant of the fact that supernatural elements are crucial in bringing them the good luck.

Moreover, there is an unlimited range of superstitions, such as they are cautious about the colors, numbers, how they sit, what shirts they wear, and where they have started playing the games. However, with gambling moving to the Vulkan Vegas and other similar online platforms, the superstitious minds for selecting gambling places might matter less. So let's look at what overall superstitions are practiced among the gamblers.

Use of Charms

Some superstitious gamblers find satisfaction in performing certain rituals before they start their game, and even once the play is in progress, they continue to do so. For example, the gamblers are often seen kissing the dice before they roll it down on the board, and it is considered a good luck charm. Some gamblers also keep reading something under their breath and sometimes in the audible voice to bring themselves good luck. Also, the players choose to wear specific things such as good luck pants and underwear or lucky jewelry.

Counting Money

There is a popular superstition against counting your money while the game progresses. Doing it can bring the player bad luck, so the players who believe in the superstition try not to keep track of their money once the game has started. Well, if you want a justified side of this, then we can understand that counting money while everyone is in-game is bad etiquette.

Lucky Numbers

It is among the famous superstitions, where the gamblers have attributed some numbers as the unlucky ones while the others are as lucky. Number 7 is considered the luckiest number to hit the big win, while other gamblers consider certain combinations of the numbers lucky.


There are specific colors attributed to bringing good luck, such as red, which is believed to bring good fortune in Chinese culture. Often the players mysteriously use the colors to conceal it from their opponent. Mostly they wear red underwear with the optimistic outlook to hit the jackpot.

Crossing Legs

Don't cross your legs while you are at the game table and believe in the superstitions. Because if you do so, then it could be an unlucky game for you, and you might end up losing money.

Sitting Up Straight

It is what you must-do if you want to see good luck coming your way. It is believed that sitting up or standing up straight at the gambling table can bring good luck to the player. If you lack a superstitious mind, then let us be more clear here that such a straight-up posture is meant to stay active during the game, which means that the player can use their mind actively, and of course,  this could help in bringing good luck.

Unlucky in Love-Lucky in Cards 

This is more than a superstitions; we could say that it is a saying that has consoling effects on the minds of the players. This superstition is adopted by players who have had heaps of bad lucks and now seek luck in their gambling sitting. So, once they have lost the love, they are sure that they will find good luck in gambling. 

Itchy Palms

It is almost a prevalent superstition related to the itchy palms that either bring them good luck or bad luck. So, it is believed that if your right palm is itchy, then it is a bad omen, and you might end up losing money, while if your left palm is itchy, then a good payout is coming your way very soon. 

So, if you believe in this superstition, next time your right hand-itch, do not venture into extravagant gambling. Instead, wait for the right time until you find the excellent signs to resume your gaming. 

Whistling Is Not Right

So, another weirdest superstition is that if you whistle playing, it could bring bad luck for you. Well, there is no exact justification for this superstition, while we can only say that it is true that when the game is in progress, and you whistle at the playing table, then, of course, you disturb the other players and also invite the disapproving glances.

Ending Line

In short, some gamblers are staunch believers of superstitions, and they cannot ignore them even when they do not win. Often believing in such things become their habit, or they do not find satisfaction in playing without observing the superstitions. At the same time, other gamblers ignore such things, and they play their games, relying on their skills. 

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