Cupid’s Target – All Slots Casino Promo for February with $100,000 in Prizes

Every month we tell you about the latest monthly promotion from All Slots and Jackpot Factory.  In February, Cupid’s Target – All Slots Casino Promo will give you the chance to be one of 5000 + cash winners in Cupid’s draw.  Each week, 1440 lucky gamers will divide $25,000!  All Slots guarantees the number of 1440 lucky winners because they have set the rules that no one can win twice in one week.

This emphatically does not mean that you can’t win every week!  So we assume at least 5000 winners overall and some repeat winners who get lucky twice or more!

Play Play Play for Tickets

You can enhance your luck by playing as much as possible.  Players earn tickets to Cupid’s draw just by playing.  You get one ticket for every 50 Loyalty Points you earn each week.  Cupid draws 1440 lucky names from the “drum” once a week so by playing you can add to your total of tickets in the drum.  The more tickets you have, the more likely you are to win!

You can also gain tickets to Cupid’s draw by playing on at least three days during the week.  As you’ll see, playing on seven days grows your number of tickets the most!  All Slots is calling this feature of Cupid’s Target – All Slots Casino Promo for February, Cupid’s Ticket Booster.  As in a booster rocket, Cupid’s Ticket Booster will shoot your ticket totals into space orbit!  Here are the details:

  • Playing for three days rewards you with 3 times the tickets you earned.
  • Playing for four days rewards you with 4 times the tickets you earned.
  • Playing for five days rewards you with 5 times the tickets you earned.
  • Playing for six days rewards you with 6 times the tickets you earned.
  • Playing for seven days rewards you with 7 times the tickets you earned.

You don’t need a calculator to realize that playing often and every day gives you much improved odds toward sharing in the $25,000 All Slots and Jackpot Factory are giving away each week in Cupid’s Target – All Slots Casino Promo for February!

One Promotion: Four Weeks to Play

All Slots and Jackpot Factory have made it a policy to divide their monthly promotions into four weeks.  Actually, Wheel of Wishes, the January promotion, ran for five weeks but the monthly promotions normally go four weeks!

All Slots and Jackpot Factory divide their monthly promotions in this way so the largest number of players can win!  You don’t have to play relentlessly for a full month, competing with players who have more time than you, for a chance to win a huge grand prize.

Cupid’s Target – All Slots Casino Promo for February, like all recent Jackpot Factory promotions, has far more winners who share the big prize amongst themselves!

Jackpot Factory

We talk about promotions as being All Slots promotions but they are really Jackpot Factory promotions; All Slots is the flagship casino of the group and has the largest name recognition.  Jackpot Factory is a leading group of online casinos.  All five Jackpot Factory casinos are joining together to bring you Cupid’s Target.  Aside from All Slots, the others are Wild Jack, First Web, VIP Lounge, and All Jackpots.

The great advantage of playing in a group-wide promotion is that when you play at any of the five casinos, your data are counted as if you played at one.  You have one account for your weekly playing days as per the multipliers mentioned earlier.  You have one account for the Loyalty Points you need to get tickets to Cupid’s draw.

Mobile Casinos

There are three mobile casinos in Jackpot Factory.  They are All Slots mobile casino, All Jackpots mobile, and Wild Jack mobile.  Just as in the PC casinos, you have one account across Jackpot Factory including the mobile casinos.

Few Canadian mobile casinos can compete with the three Jackpot Factory mobile casinos.  The games on both the PC casinos and the mobile casinos are provided by Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino gaming.

All Slots mobile casino has over 100 games and adds new games every month.  All Slots mobile casino was one of the first Canadian mobile casinos.  It has grown every month since its introduction.

Mobile Casino “to the rescue”

Let’s say that you’ve played two days and have found yourself suddenly too busy at work to play on your PC computer.  A quick swipe of your mobile screen brings up one of the Jackpot Factory mobile casinos.  By playing for a very short time, you qualify as having played a third day and you qualify for Cupid’s Ticket Booster.  If need be, you can qualify through your mobile device and get the 7x multiplier!

$25,000 Every Week; $100,000 All Together

Here are the cash prizes that 1440 gamers will receive each week as they share $25,000:

  • The $1000 weekly top prize will go to 5 players.
  • The $500 weekly second prize will go to 10 players.
  • The $100 weekly third prize will go to 25 players.
  • 50 lucky players will win $50.
  • 100 lucky players will win $25.
  • 250 lucky players will win $10.
  • 1000 lucky players will win $5.

Playing Schedule

Each week will start at 00:01 GMT and will end seven days later at 23:59 GMT.  Canadians need to subtract the time difference between GMT and their time zones.  By planning ahead, you should easily earn lots of Loyalty Points and qualify each week for the 7x Booster.  This is the weekly schedule:

  • Week 1: January 31 – February 6.
  • Week 2: Feb 7 – Feb 13.
  • Week 3: Feb 14 – Feb 20.
  • Week 4: Feb 21 – Feb 27.

Watch Your Ticket Count Soar

Cupid’s Target – All Slots Casino Promo for February, promises to be one of the most popular monthly promotions All Slots and Jackpot Factory have ever put on!  Anyone who has played casino games online knows that Loyalty Points come quickly.  By playing every day at any one of the five PC casino, at All Slots mobile casino, or at either of the two other mobile casinos in Jackpot Factory, you will stand a good chance to become one of the 5000+ winners this month!

February is Cupid’s month; it is the month for lovers.  All Slots hopes that you and your lover will celebrate your wins gained by playing at any of the five Jackpot Factory PC casinos or at their excellent Canadian mobile casinos!