All about the Bonus Showdown- All Slots Winning Promotion

The brand new Bonus Showdown - All Slots winning promotion that it open to online and mobile players offers a share of $125000 in prize money. The rules of this amazing promotion are basically the same whether playing at the online casino or the All Slots mobile casino. For every day that a player enjoys a casino game, he accumulates credit towards earning cards. The more days that he plays the more cards he can potentially earn.

Players that play games 3-4 days of a week during the Bonus showdown promotion earn one card. Players that player 5-6 days during the promotion earn 2 cards and players that play all 7 days of the week earn 3 cards. The player needs to claim his prizes during the round or week that he is playing in. The Bonus Showdown - All Slots winning promotion is separated into five different rounds. During the first round that starts on September 6 players can only win one card. During all the other rounds the players can earn all 3 cards if they player every day of the week.

How to Claim the Prizes of the Bonus Showdown- All Slots Winning Promotion

In order to claim the prizes offered at the All Slots mobile casino the player needs to swipe on the “claim my prize” icon. The prizes are awarded at random and for players at the Canadian mobile casinos the free spins are limited to choosing either Avalon or Bridesmaids or both for making use of the free spins. Apart from the free spins, players can also potentially win between 2-100 credits to use on any of the casino games, 100-5000 loyalty points and double points on featured games. For the double points on featured games players need to play the games within 24 hours of receiving the bonus. In fact all of the bonus prizes, free spins, credits and loyalty points need to be claimed within the timeframe of each session or round of the Bonus Showdown- All Slots winning promotion.

More Details and Information on the Bonus Showdown- All Slots winning promotion

New players who are not familiar with the All Slots mobile casino might find all this information rather confusing but it is not. As soon as the player starts enjoying the casino games at the casino he is working towards his special showdown cards. The more the player plays games, the more cards he can earn and the larger the potential for prizes. Players who do not play more than two days a week are not able to accumulate their play time to another round of the promotion.

The dates and times of each round or session of the promotion is presented in great detail in the terms and conditions section of the mobile casino. In order to claim some of the prizes the player may be required to place a small deposit at the casino but this is a drop in the water compared with the incredible prizes that he can potentially win.

The promotion is set to run from 6th September to the 6th October, one full month. The All Slots mobile casino and in fact all of the Canadian mobile casinos are always full of surprises so it is always worth checking back on the terms of the promotion to see if it has been extended or if another promotion is in the works. With schools and colleges just started, the Bonus Showdown- All Slots winning promotion has come at a perfect time to fill empty hours that may have arisen.