Mobile Gaming is Coming of Age

The new mobile blackjack for Canadians from Microgaming is available at All Slots Mobile Casino.  This blackjack mobile game will surely take its place as a headline All Slots mobile game.

Welcome Bonus

If you are already registered to play at All Slots Online Casino, you don’t have to do anything special to be registered at All Slots Mobile Casino.  If you are new to the All Slots family, let us welcome you.

Before we tell you about the great welcome bonus let us dispel one misconception some have about All Slots: All Slots is not just about slots!  The fact that we are talking about their new blackjack mobile game should be proof enough.  All Slots is a full-service online casino that has now gone mobile!

Your welcome bonus comes in four parts.  First, you register.  Before making even a token deposit you get $5 free to play with on any game of your choice.  When you make your first deposit you receive a matching bonus of 100% up to $200 plus another free $10.  Upon your second deposit you get $15 and another matching bonus, this time for 100% up to $100.   The matching bonus for your third deposit is 50% up to $100.  Finally, when you make your fourth deposit, you receive a bonus of 25% up to another $100.  That's a fun-filled $530 free in your first week.

The Ongoing Popularity of Blackjack

Blackjack is a game for the man or woman who wants to make all the decisions in their life.  Unlike poker, where you can get bluffed out of a big pot, blackjack is a simple, straightforward game that takes experience and effort to master.  You will find that the user-friendly mobile technology at All Slots Mobile Casino makes it a great blackjack mobile game.  All Slots has two blackjack varieties ready for you on your mobile: Classic Blackjack and European Blackjack.  The only significant difference between them is that Classic Blackjack uses one deck and European blackjack uses two decks.

This difference is important for players who are very experienced and can count cards.  Even those who count cards must keep the ever-changing odds in mind when deciding on their next move.  So, if you are new to the game or don’t count cards there is no real difference between the two blackjack variations at All Slots Mobile Casino.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Surely you know that the idea of blackjack is to get to 21 points or as close as possible without going over.  If you go over 21 you lose instantly.  Since you play before the house, the house has the advantage of seeing you go over 21 before it has to draw any cards.  This would be a big advantage to the house except that the rules are set up to lower the house advantage at every turn.  Here’s how that works.

You, the player, can stand pat, or stick, in the language of blackjack, at any time.  Now, you know that the ten and all the picture cards are worth ten points.  So, if you have a 12 or 13, you might very well stick, not wanting a ten-point card to send you over 21.  Then the house plays.  The house must take a card until it has 17 or more.  So, whereas you can stick with a low score, the house must continue.  This causes the house to go over 21, or bust, quite often thus evening the odds dramatically.

The game begins with the player receiving two cards face up and the house one up and one down.  If the house shows any card from 2-6, there is a good chance that the house will bust.  In that case, the player should stick once his or her total is 12 or more.

The house must stick at 17 or more.  So if the house shows a high point card, you might choose to hit even on 15 or 16.  Logically, if you have 18 and the house shows a 7, you have excellent winning chances.

A player that receives a pair of 8’s, 9’s, or 10’s can split them.  This means creating two hands from one.  Your bet is doubled, of course.  Then you play each card as a separate hand.  This is a powerful equalizer for players.  The house cannot split pairs.

If you have a good point count relative to the house’s up card, you can double down.  For example, if you have 5 and 3 for 8 and the house shows 7, doubling down is good strategy.  You could reach 18 and the house could reach 17.  Again, this is another great equalizer since the house cannot double down.

An ace is worth either 1 or 11 points.  You can count it whichever way it helps you the most.  The house, however, must stick when the ace, counted as 11 points, causes the house to reach 17 or more points.  This is called sticking on soft 17.

As you can see, there is a lot of strategy in blackjack.  The house has one big advantage but the players have a number of smaller advantages.  Adding them all up, the house advantage is actually less than 1% when the players employ correct strategy.

Mobile Blackjack for Canadians

Mobile is fast becoming as popular as PC for online gaming.  Mobile is always at hand, the technology continues to improve, and the number of games available is growing.  So check out the new blackjack mobile game at All Slots Mobile Casino for a pleasing pastime.