Welcome the New All Slots Mobile Game - Big Kahuna Mobile Slots

Big Kahuna mobile slots was released for mobile only in January of this year.  All Slots Mobile Casino is proud to have been able to feature Big Kahuna mobile slots as a new All Slots mobile game.  As a fan of mobile slots, you know how advantageous it is to have your favourite slots available on mobile.

All Slots Mobile Casino continues to grow, adding new mobile casino games almost every day.  Did you know that there are literally thousands of different mobile devices?  All Slots Mobile Casino is dedicated to being an industry leader in expanding the size and scope of its mobile repertoire.  Big Kahuna mobile slots is a big addition.  Big Kahuna has been around for ten years already.  It retains a very loyal following even though technologically it belongs to the previous generation of slots.  Let’s find out why Big Kahuna mobile casino game will surely be as popular as its pc parent.

Cool and Juicy Tropical Fruits

The most prominent symbols in the Big Kahuna mobile slots regular game are the tropical fruits.  They make your mouth water just looking at them.  We have heard that many players at All Slots Casino actually put out a small assortment of tropical fruits when they play Big Kahuna.  You probably won’t be able to do so when you play Big Kahuna mobile slots, but you will still feel the tropical mood. 

Put Your Feet Up

You feel that you’re vacationing on a warm tropical island with no cares in the world.  Alongside you is the lizard, whose tongue keeps darting out.  But Mr. Lizard is totally harmless.  There is also the goofy-looking monkey.  He’s the Scatter symbol which wins in all positions.  Big Kahuna mobile slots is a 5-reel 9 payline slots.  In the regular game, all wins except the Scatter must begin in the first reel.  The toothy monkey wins in all positions!

Wild Bonus

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild Symbol.  It replaces all symbols save the Scatter.  Five Wilds carry an $8000 bonus which is multiplied by the bet you made on the winning line.

Exciting, Heart-pounding Bonuses

There is a mask symbol.  It has special properties that are hidden from you until….three or more masks come up in a row on a payline that you bet on.

The smallest bet allowed per line is one cent so really there’s no reason not to bet on all lines.  Five dollars per line is the maximum bet.

There is also a volcano.  The volcano seems dormant, lending an air of quiet relaxation to your tropical vacation.  Then….three or more volcanoes come up in a row and you are thrust into a life-threatening situation where you are asked to render the volcano quiet once again.

The masks take you to the Masks Bonus and the Volcanoes take you to the Volcano Bonus.

Volcano Bonus

The islanders turn to you to mollify the volcano.  The Chief stands guard as you prepare to make a ritual sacrifice to the angry mountain.  A fierce tropical thunderstorm is raging above the mountain.  Only you stand between the islanders and total destruction!

You have five fruits to choose from.  You must choose one to hopefully quiet the mountain.  Whichever fruit you choose sedates the mountain temporarily and gives you a cash reward.  You return to your vacation cognizant of the fact that you will probably have to stop the volcano often and, also, that whenever you do so, you will receive a handsome cash reward!  

Mask Bonus

As we said, three or more masks bring you to this bonus.  Your payout will be a factor of your bet and the number of masks that came up.  In the bonus, you see ten exquisite, hand-carved masks.  You get to choose masks one at a time. Each mask reveals a cash award.  However, one mask hides the “collect” sign.  Hopefully, you’ll accumulate a good payout so that when you do have to collect, you have enough money to stay on vacation longer!

The islanders appreciate your generosity in choosing their island for your vacation and in facing the volcano so, if you get the collect symbol on your first try, they will give you a cash gift at their own expense!

A Word About All Slots Mobile Casino

All Slots is a leader in the online gaming industry.  They specialize in slots but have a full line of new Canadian mobile casino games.  All Slots has a great Welcome Package for new players in which you get a $5 no deposit bonus, then $25 in free money paid in increments, and up to $500 in matching bonuses also paid in increments!

All Slots Mobile Casino will continue to bring re-formatted classic slots and other casino games to your mobile device.

Be A Big Kahuna

The men and women of the island are always ready to serve you in any way they can.  They ask only one thing in return: save them from their volcano.  Can you do this for them?  At All Slots Mobile Casino, you can play Big Kahuna mobile casino game, save the island, and earn cash rewards!