Game of Thrones Mobile Slots – Four Different FREE SPINS CHOICES!

How do you define excitement? How do you define excitement when it comes to mobile slots games? How do you define excitement when it comes to your own time usage? If you are one of the avid casino gamblers, then you probably already know that the true meaning of excitement is receiving the most while expecting the unexpected! All Slots mobile casino is now providing you the most incredible and top rated mobile slots game in Canada which is the perfect description of what any gambler calls "exciting". From this day on, you will be able to enjoy the FREE SPINS CHOICE, which will make the whole game so thrilling you will never want to leave! Play with some of the finest gaming features known today, and let yourself win the most amazing benefits you could ever think of! So, if you are truly enthusiastic about making your winnings count, you better join as quickly as you can to the family of gamblers who already enjoy Game Of Thrones Mobile Slots at our mobile casino!

I Want to Know More about the FREE SPINS CHOICE

That’s wonderful! The FREE SPINS CHOICE is known to be one of the most rewarding features existing in this game and it is definitely vest for you to know everything possible about it! First of all, it is important that you become familiar with the relevant method which will allow you to enjoy the choice existing between the different FREE SPINS options. The method is called Scatter.

Scatter is the symbol which can be easily recognized by its SCATTER BONUS title. You will only need 3, 4 or 5 of its kind on your reels (these symbols should appear one by the other) and the benefit will already be yours. The wonder in the FREE SPINS adventure is, on the one hand, your ability to play for free and not deposit a thing, and, on the other hand, your ability to keep on collecting multiple credits. An additional advantage, existing in this wonderful game, is that the FREE SPINS can be retriggered and the level of excitement can increase accordingly!

So, what choices are standing in front of you?

The first choice which you can elect is called the Baratheon House, and it can be quickly recognized by its yellow colour. Letting you enjoy the 3 stacked symbol benefit, Baratheon House is also known for benefiting you with no less than 8 FREE SPINS. Once those FREE SPINS are over, all of your credits will be 5X multiplied!

The next option which you will be facing is called the Lannister House. This option, marked with its red colour, increases the number of stacked symbols for you – 4 symbol stack benefit! With this benefit you also get to enjoy 10 SPINS which will be auto played for you FOR FREE, and the multiplier will be 4X!

Thirdly, the grey option is called Stark House and this choice will let you enjoy 5 symbol stack benefit! In addition to that, the number of FREE SPINS will also be higher than the previous option – 14 FREE SPINS, and you can expect to enjoy 3X multiplier at the end of the round.

Three options are not all that you get when you choose to play Game of Thrones Mobile Slots! Expect to enjoy the Targaryen House which is capable of benefitting you with no less than 6 symbol stack bonus over here! Along with this bonus come the others – 18 FREE SPINS and 2X multiplier which will surely make this game a real thrill!

Thought your benefits are over at the FREE SPINS and Scatter section? Well, you couldn't be more wrong! Scatter gets even more special than you previously thought, and it grants you with CASH PRIZES in no time! Two Scatter symbols will let you enjoy the Random Cash Prize you always wished for, while three such symbols will benefit you with 6 additional credits. It is now required to win only four Scatters on your reels in case you want to have 120 credits, and the largest prize of Scatter, which is 1,200 credits, will be yours once you win five Scatter symbols on the reels in one spin!

Keep in mind that winning a cash prize does not eliminate your possibility to enjoy the FREE SPINS CHOICE, since these two prizes are granted for you at once! That's right! You can win both the 1,200 credits right away and get to choose which one of the four previously mentioned methods is preferred by you and will be played at the moment!

Could This Game Get Wilder?

As a matter of fact, yes! It could! At this 243 – ways – to – win – casino game, you get to enjoy the most amazing benefits, rewards, and gaming features which will make your experience surely like no other!

So first of all, make sure you constantly remember that specifically over here you can be rewarded with up to 121,000 credits, and you will surely not find such high payouts at other places you decide to check out!

Now, let's talk about the WILD symbol, which is capable of making your whole experience much more exciting than it already is right now! The Wild symbol, which you will be able to recognize thanks to its "Game of Thrones" apparent logo, is capable of replacing any other symbol on your reels. Besides the Scatter, which cannot be replaced by any other symbol whatsoever, all other symbols can be substituted by it. In case two of a kind appear on your reels, you can know for sure that the existence of Wild will create a three of a kind for you (benefitting you with all the relevant payouts just as well), and three \ four of a kind will become four / five of a kind in no time. Stacked Wilds is also a great feature existing in this game which is capable of taking place both in the regular mode of the game as well as the FREE SPINS feature! So start playing and enjoy your ride!