Burning Desire Mobile Slots – 243 Different Ways to Win & a Unique Gamble Feature!

Each and every gambler has already felt the desire burning in his bones to play more and more games, and to win as many credits as possible with ease. From now on, not only will the players be feeling their hearts are on fire, but they will be able to see it on the screen of the best game available on the online and mobile casinos! This game, which lets his players win in 243 different ways, win up to 90,000 coins in no time and enjoy multiple exciting gambling methods is no other but the Burning Desire Mobile Slots!

When signing up to All Slots Mobile Casino, gamers will be able to see right away all of the casino's games are available for them and they will be able to start winning the real money credits in no time! If you, like many other players, can't wait to start using these benefits, you better join the crowd as quickly as possible! Free spins can surely be yours!

Burning Desire's Gamble Feature

Very few games offer the players this special benefit. Gamble feature makes it possible for the players to enjoy a completely different gaming atmosphere which is inspired by the original casinos of former times. Simply click the Gamble button in order to let yourself enjoy a chance to double your win. You will be able to use this method several times until the Gamble's limit will be reached.

Burning Desire's Wild Symbol

There is only one burning heart symbol on these reels and it is titled as Burning Desire on the hot flames. This symbol is capable of substituting all other symbols on the reels except the Scatter symbol and thus help create new winning combinations in no time at all. The main advantage achieved by this feature is the ability to grant the gamer with additional credits even when he or she thought it is not possible.

An example for that would be when the reels just stopped from spinning and two symbols of the same kind appear on reels #3 and #5. In first sight it seems that the gamer has no way to enjoy a nice payout now, but once Wild appears on reel #4, it functions as if it was the missing symbol and a three of a kind is created right away. Four and five of a kind can also be created when using this special feature. Do notice that Wild can only appear on reels #2 and #4.

Win for Real While Playing for Free

After opening a real money account on the best mobile casino in Canada, everybody knows it is time to start winning real money benefits and rewards. What not all of the gamblers know, is that they are capable of doing so without depositing, every once in a while, by using the mobile casino no deposit bonus of Burning Desire Mobile Slots.

This bonus can be applied with one of the most special symbols, called Scatter. Scatter is the golden coin appearing on a red background and decorated with a golden outline. 3, 4 and 5 symbols appearing next to one another on the reels will immediately grant the player with no less than 15 free spins!

During these spins the gamer will be able to notice right away how the game's theme is immediately changed, allowing a totally different atmosphere to be created. The exciting gaming theme will be followed with great prizes and benefits, including 3X multiplier for ALL of the winnings during the mode and the ability to re – trigger the spins! Playing in CAD on your mobile device has never been so rewarding!

Take Control Over the Game!

It has been known for long that a lot of people are attracted to the gambling games since they are so unpredictable, surprising, and can reward the gamers in a matter of seconds with multiple benefits they didn't even expect to receive. Nevertheless, some players also enjoy combining a sense of control with the thrilling sensations that follow the surprises. Burning Desire Mobile Slots offers a perfect solution for this desire of so many players: gambling features!

Players will be able to decide whether they want to use these features, and when they do – to choose exactly when, and for how long. These features make it possible for the players to control their depositing rates, spinning methods and even betting functions!


Nothing is as thrilling as alternating the depositing rate in direct relation to your own desires. Do you feel you are just about to win big at the upcoming spin? If so, it is definitely time to raise your bet and increase your winning potential! Did you just lose some credits lately and you now feel it is best to keep a low profile? If so, you would probably be interested in reducing the number of coins deposited for a few spins. The + and – buttons appearing next to the COINS title on the lower part of the screen will help you to do so quickly and easily.

Bet Max

Some of you are probably interested in raising your depositing rate to its maximal value, and you want to do so as quickly as possible! If that is the case, clicking the + button over and over again, especially if your rate right now is the minimal one, may seem to take too long for you. A solution is, once more, offered in order to let you enjoy the best gaming experience possible, and this solution is called Bet Max. By clicking this button only once, you will be able to increase your betting rate in a matter of seconds and start the next spin right away!

Auto Play

Some players are interested in relaxing a bit when playing the slots games, and watching the screen as the reels keep on spinning. If you want to do absolutely nothing, yet keep on winning additional credits, this feature is definitely for you! 5X and 10X shortcut buttons will allow you to start 5 or 10 free spins, respectively, in no time at all, and the Auto Play button will allow you to change the setting of the advanced features. Choose your favourite method to relax and enjoy!